“Sad Face”

This week we discuss listener mail, Symantec pcAnywhere, Facebook Timeline, Twitter Acquires Dasient, Bluefin Labs, Apple Updates, Apple & Education, Apple Earnings, ReDigi iTunes Tracks, SOPA & PIPA by the Numbers, MPAA & Chris Dodd, Free Press & the MPAA, Megaupload, Youtube Traffic, Autism Definition Changes, Closed Captioning Regulations, New HIMMS & AbleNET Products, Humanware Brailliant, Dolphin Accessible Resource Project, Blio for Android, All You Can Hear at Audiobooks.com, NVDA Phone Support, Star Wars Old Republic Accessibility, Blindbargains Access Awards, WWYT, and much more! To view these stories and other considerations, please visit our Delicious bookmarks page.

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