“CSUN & the iPad”

This week we discuss listener mail, Book Hoarders Anonymous, Adobe Updates via Ninite/Accessible, Flashback Malware by Twitter, Amazon Drop Cloud Prices, Facebook Messenger for Desktop, Nuance Buys Transcend, Accessible Google+ Hangouts, Dolphin SaySo for Dyslexia, Ambutech Premium Canes, Eurobraille’s EasyTime Braille Computer, Braille Plus 18 (APH) with Android, Desktop Bookport (APH), B2G Braille Notetaker (National Braille Press), 6-Dot Braille Labels by Sighted, Baum Folding Desktop Magnifier, Capti for iOS, Vision Assist for iOS Revisited, Apple OS 7.3.5 Supplemental Update for Time Machine, iOS & HTML5 Rendering, New iPad Specs & Accessibility, iOS 5.1 Update, WWYT, and much more! To view these stories and other considerations, please visit our Delicious bookmarks page.

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