“Cult of PI”

This week we discuss Book Hoarders Anonymous, listener mail, Critical Microsoft Patches, Firefox 11 is Released, OnLive Licensing of Windows & Office, Virtual Box 4.1.10, Dropbox URL Hacking, Catholic Vatican Hacked, Digital Playground Hacked Because It Was Too Easy, Safari 5.1.4, iOS 5.1 Unannounced Changes, iOS 5.1 Released Changes, & Apple Configurator; Sprint iPad Coming [Rumor], iPhoto for iOS Review, iTunes 10.6 Update, iWork.com is No More, Siri Sued For Being Misleading & Deceptive, Wal-Mart Helping People Move to Digital UltraViolet by Vudu, Twitter Buys Posterous, Facebook Creates Interest Lists, 12-year-old Sues School Over Facebook Privacy, Bank of America Helps Seattle Man Embezzle Millions, Police Do Not Need Warrant to Search Cell Phones, Microsoft Vocal Translation, Portable Sign-Language Translator, Accessibility Seminar at London Book Fair 2012, 6th Annual e-Accessibility Forum, Book Sense Master by HIMS, Chinese Work On Cure For Spinal Cord Injuries, WWYT #1, WWYT #2, and much more! To view these stories and other considerations, please visit our Delicious bookmarks page.

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