“Not So Hot”

This week we discuss listener mail, Vinux and Linux Updates; 18 Companies Sued Over Privacy Issues, Ad-Supported Apps Drain Your Battery, Apple Software Installer Update, Mountain Lion Preview 2 Gets Twitter & more, New iPad Accessibility, New iPads Feel Hot, Record iPad Sales, Apple Stock Option Changes, RIAA & ISP’s Start Watching Your Downloads, Maybe, Google is Changing Optimized Site Rankings, Facebook Success Might Lead to Charging Developers, Facebook Integrates with Dropbox, Paypal Dislikes College Basketball Pools but Relaxes Over Erotic e-Books, India Launches Braille Library for the Blind, Wisconsin Governor Wants to Improve Accessible Books For Blind Students, Justice Department’s Accessibility Standards Go Into Effect, Australia Offers Accessibility Certification Course, Young Australian of the Year Wants Funding for NVDA, Blind Bargains Goes Mobile, Nokia Maps Update Misses the Mark, Braille Sense U2 Trade-In Program, EasyJet Sued Again for Discrimination, WWYT #1, WWYT #2, and more! To view these stories and other considerations, please visit our Delicious bookmarks page.

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