“Wings & Things”

This week we discuss Erin’s upcoming appearance on SeroSpectives, listener mail, Flashback.K, Apple Security Fixes for Flashback.K & more, Adobe Flash Auto-Update while promoting “Scareware”, Global Payments Credit Card Fraud and an Update to the Credit Card Fraud, VISA Fails During System Update, Resetting XBOX 360 Doesn’t Remove Your Credit Card Data, White House Seeks to Have Search Engines Play Copyright Cops, April Fool’s Day Roundup, ‘Girls Around Me’ Shows a Dark Side of Social Networks, Facebook Timeline Rolls Out to All Brand Pages, Spotify’s Facebook Timeline Chronicles Over 1,000 Years of Music, School Orders Students To Delete Facebook Accounts Or Face Expulsion, Boys’ Diplomas Withheld For Facebook Kissing Photos, Teacher’s Aide Refuses to Share Facebook Access, Is Suspended, Path Starts Encrypting User Contact Data, Arizona Law Amendment Would Criminalize “Lewd Or Profane” Language On The Internet”, North Carolina Town Bans All Cell Use While Driving, Hulu Plus For Android, MPAA Wants More Criminal Cases Brought Against ‘Rogue’ Sites, MPAA Withholds MegaUpload Data, FCC Pushing New Closed-Captioning Rules, Panasonic Talking TVs Hitting Stores, AFB 2012 Access Awards, Justice Department Intervenes in Lawsuit Involving New Hampshire’s Mental Health System, iPad App That Lets Mute Kids Speak Menaced By Patent Lawsuit, Hearing Aid Can Stream Wireless Audio, Flying Cars, WWYT, and much more! To view these stories and other considerations, please visit our Delicious bookmarks page.

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