“22 Slurpies”

This week we discuss Microsoft Security Essentials 4, ISP’s Must Block Pirate Bay, Skype Reveals Your IP Address, Facebook Announces Antivirus Marketplace, Facebook Support Dashboard, Congress Wants To Stop Facebook Snooping By Employers, Flashback Searches Twitter, Mac Security Behind Microsoft In Security by 10 Years, Apple Plans To Build A Restaurant, iPavement, Cellphone User Falls In Sinkhole, Hulu Is Thinking About Authentication, Tor Books Going DRM Free, Swiss Company Wants To Improve Product Identifications, EyeRing, NavPal, WebAIM Screenreader Survey #4, VoiceOver Support For Firefox For Mac, Desktop Alert Releases Text-To-Speech Screen Reader for PC Notifications, Tiny Mic Could Improve Cochlear Implants, Sip and Puff iOS Dock on Kickstarter, Make Images Accessible With Tobi Version 1, ISci Voice Access Software For Students, Saturn Snagged Pluto’s Cousin and Turned It Into A Moon, WWYT #1, WWYT #2, and much more! To view these stories and other considerations, please visit our Delicious bookmarks page.

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