“Don’t Step in It”

This week we discuss a Password Breach at LinkedIn, US and Israel Confirmed Behind Stuxnet, Flame Virus Used Microsoft Certificate Loophole, Firefox 13 Released, AT&T Helps Android Developers Make Efficient Apps, Windows 8 Upgrade Program, Google Warning About Gmail Hacks, Google Voice Adds New Anonymous Caller Options, Twitter Tweaks Servers For Better Performance, Twitter Usage Doubles Among Users, Facebook Surveys Users About Potential Privacy Changes, All Things D Releases Kara Swisher & Walt Mossberg Interviews with Steve Jobs in Audio and Video, Spoken Layer, NFB Release Newsline App for iOS, BlindSquare for iOS, WebAIM Screenreader Survey #4 Results, ITC Judge Uses Cheech and Chong to Decide Apple Versus Samsung Case, WWYT #1, WWYT #2, and much more! To view these stories and other considerations, please visit our Delicious bookmarks page.

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